1. März – Transnationaler Migrant_innenstreik!

Februar 28, 2011

Call for a 1st of March against the reigns of fear and the European borderegime

In support of the people revolutions. Call from Coordinamento Migranti Bologna – towards the 1st of March 2011.

It wasn’t necessary to wait until today to know that the so-called moderate regimes of the Mediterranean had among their tasks that of repressing the freedom of movement of migrants. Shocking images are arriving however in these hours from Libya, where the Gheddafi regime is repressing the legitimate protests of that which until yesterday it called its own people in a bloodbath. Let us not forget that the Libyan government is a lynchpin of the Italian-and thus European-migratory policies. For years Italian governments have made agreements with the Libyan government in order to externalize the dirty work of repression of migrants trying to reach Europe. The results have been thousands of dead in the Libyan Desert, thousands of prisoners in Libyan detention centers, without any rights, at the will of a regime that shows its true face bombing its own citizens as they protest.

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1. März-Streik

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