Italiens Studierende rebellieren

November 26, 2010

Landesweite Protesten gegen die Bildungsreform: Besetzte Unis, Blockaden auf Gleise und Strassen, Besetzung von Pisa Turm, Kolosseum in Rom, San Marco Kirche in Venedig und zahlreiche Rektorate
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Vor zwei Jahren begannen europas Krisenproteste unter dem italienischen Slogan: „Noi non paghiamo la vostra crisi“- Wir zahlen nicht für eure Krise, als Proteste welche sich an der Bildungsreform der Ministerin Gelmini überall in Italien entzündeten. Die Bewegung versucht sich wieder neu zu formieren und gegen die ersten Umsetzungversuche der Gelminireform italienweit Dampf zu machen.
:ein text des uniriot netzwerk:

Assault to the future! students rebellion against austerity

Today has been another day of students‘ struggle all over Italy and the education reform has been blocked another time! The government decided not to vote because of the clime of revolt in the country, so that LaSapienza university decided not to open the academy year.
After days of mobilizations this student movement seems to be the first movement against the crisis: rage, intense struggle and strong indignation are constantly shake this country during since last two years.

It would be impossible to summarize the recent hundreds of actions, parade, flash mob and occupations that are taking place everywhere, so we just write some notes to report what has happened today, focusing on some elements who are emerging from the last struggles in Europe. In fact, Italy is not an isolated case, quite the contrary in UK and France in the last months, we see rivers of young students taking to the streets and claiming the future. It is an assault to the future!

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