„Chaos as an everyday thing“

Februar 16, 2010

Immanuel Wallerstein schreibt in seinem neuesten Kommentar über das Chaos ums uns herum. Die Krise hole so manche PolitikerInnen auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurück, die Menschen haben Angst und sind wütend, wissen aber nicht, was sie tun sollen.

Commentary No. 275, Feb. 15, 2010

„Chaos as an Everyday Thing“

You know you’re living in a chaotic situation when (1) the mainstream media are constantly surprised by what is happening; (2) short-term predictions by various pundits go in radically different directions and are stated with many reserves; (3) the Establishment dares to say things or use words that were previously taboo; (4) ordinary people are frightened and angry but very unsure what to do. This is a good description of the past two years throughout the world, or at least in most parts of the world.

Consider the recent enormous „surprises“ – the election of a Republican senator in Massachusetts; the financial collapse of Dubai; the near bankruptcy of various large states within the United States and four or five of the member states of the European Union; severe world currency fluctuations.

These „surprises“ are commented on each day in the world press and by leading politicians. They don’t agree at all about what is happening, and even less about what one should do to improve the situation. For example, I have seen only two intelligent statements about the election results in the United States.

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