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Demo gegen den rechtsextremen WKR-Ball: 29.1.2010 – 18:00 Uhr / Europaplatz Wien

Januar 25, 2010

Der Aufruf zur Demo gegen den Ball des Wiener Korpoerationsrings in der Hofburg:

En Garde! WKR-Ball anfechten!
Gegen das rechtsextreme Tanzevent in der Hofburg

Alle Jahre wieder…
Am 29. Jänner 2010 findet zum mittlerweile 57. Mal der alljährliche Ball des Wiener Korporationsrings (WKR) in der Hofburg statt. Im WKR sind mehr als zwanzig lokale Studentenverbindungen organisiert, die sich politisch in einem Spektrum zwischen „national-freiheitlich“, völkisch-deutschnational und offen rechtsextrem bewegen. Der bekannteste Mitgliedsbund ist derzeit sicherlich die Burschenschaft Olympia, deren „alter Herr“ Martin Graf skandalträchtig das Amt des dritten Nationalratspräsidenten bekleidet. Gerade die Olympia zeigt sehr deutlich die Scharnierfunktion deutschnationaler Korporationen zwischen der FPÖ einerseits und dem Neonazismus andererseits. So lassen sich Olympen für die FPÖ im Nationalrat, im Wiener Landtag, sowie im Parteivorstand auf Bezirks- und Landesebene finden. Gleichzeitig lud die Olympia aber in den letzten Jahren verschiedene neonazistische Liedermacher, als auch den Holocaustleugner David Irving in ihr Verbindungshaus ein. Daneben äußert sich die Olympia immer wieder rassistisch, antisemitisch und NS-verharmlosend.

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Oaxaca: Government Attacks APPO Political Table and Vendors

Januar 25, 2010

Neuigkeiten aus Oaxaca von Narco News über einen Angriff von Regierungstruppen auf APPO-AktivistInnen:

Once again the government municipal inspectors accosted a group of APPO vendors in the zócalo. The APPO set up a table to collect political signatures in condemnation of the government and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz for violence against the population during the 2006 uprising. Affiliated vendors use the APPO presence as a legal shelter for selling their products, since the city government has banned ambulant vendors from the area. This ban, ironically, is supposed to protect tourists — horrified witnesses to another confrontation — and commercial shop-owners and workers. By chance, members of the political opposition played a role in defying the police.

The officials, whom in the past I personally have witnessed taking cash from zócalo vendors, accosted these vendors, not to rob them, but to evict them, in line with the current policy. At the same time, they took advantage of the moment to throw over the table for signatures and petitions denouncing the governor.

The eviction took place before noon in a warm, sunny zócalo populated by Friday strollers and shoppers. According to Noticias reporter Luis Ignacio Velasquez, PRI officials exhorted state and municipal police to attack about twenty vendors, and destroy the political table with collected papers and signatures denouncing the governor. APPO shelters under legal protection, as do all citizens, to conduct peaceful signature gathering. The signatures they gather demand political justice against Ulises Ruiz, whom the Supreme Court declared guilty of human rights violations during 2006, but the court’s judgment includes no criminal procedures. Therefore it would take an act of the local Oaxaca congress to impugn Ruiz.

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Antiracist demo attacked by fascists in Athens

Januar 25, 2010

Auf wird von einer antirassistischen Demo berichtet, die von Rechtsextremen angegriffen wurde. Man kann davon ausgehen, dass Verbindungen zur Polizei bestehen und teilweise gemeinsame Sache gemacht wird.

A local antiracist demo in Ampelokipoi, Athens, came under attack by fascist thugs, leading to the hospitalisation of one woman. More than 40 fascists have been detained. The attack marks a climax of fascist violence which has also led to the torching of Chania’s Synagogue.

On Saturday 23 January an anti-racist demo of the Cultural Centre of Ambelokipoi in Athens was fiercely attacked by a fascist group of so-called “autonomous nationalists”. The demo was organised as a response to continuing disturbance of the functioning of the 50 year old Centre by fascist thugs who tried to burn it down last week. Before the official start-time of the demo, at 12, when only the organisers were in Panormou square, 40 fascist thugs attacked them with sticks leading to the wounding of three people, amongst which a 50 year old woman who has been hospitalised. During the attack riot police forces stationed in the square stood by watching, even moving aside to let the fascists strike. Nevertheless, the demostrators managed to counterattack chasing the fascists, despite police efforts to stop them.

Thr police finally intervened only after it became known that an MP was also amongst the people attacked. The police intervention has led to 44 detentions of fascists, who are being interrogated at the police headquarters.

The attack comes in a climax of similar moves that have been growing ever since the government announced a law that will legalise hundreds of thousands of second generation immigrants giving them the right to vote. The extreme-right has launched a campaign of hate in order to halt the procedure.

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