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50.000 ArbeiterInnen auf der Straße, 50 brennende Fabriken!

Juni 30, 2009

Massenhafte Arbeiterunruhe in Bangladesch *** militante Auseinandersetzungen mit der Polizei *** in der Exportzone von Dhaka, der Hauptstadt, überlaufen 50.000 ArbeiterInnen 400 Bullen

Weiter auf Englisch:

Short fuse: 50,000 workers on the streets and 50 factories burning in Bangladesh

The mass unrest in the garment industry continued on Monday (29 June) for a third day…

On the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital city, in the industrial zone; workers‘ rioting and demonstrations yesterday escalated to new heights. As thousands of workers gathered in the morning, at 10am a group set off towards the nearby Dhaka Export Processing Zone where many garment factories are located. Police blocked their way and fierce fighting began – in the pitched battle police teargas and rubber bullets left 100 workers injured.

Other workers soon joined the protesters and informed them that work was continuing as normal at the Hamim Group factory complex. Twenty thousand workers began to march towards the complex. As the numbers of protesters in the area swelled to 50,000 the security forces were simply overwhelmed; the Dhaka District Superintendent of Police said; „An additional 400 policemen stood guard in front of the major factories. We tried our best to disperse the crowd, but they were too many and too fierce.”

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